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Are you the kind of man who :::

...goes after the things that are important to him

...is tired of superficial, inauthentic encounters with escorts or massage providers

...wants heart-centered and authentic deep connection

...is on a path of personal development... sex & intimacy is a hot topic... thinks having a partner-guide would be useful ---and fun!

...enjoys tantric massage but wants to have a more mutually satisfying time

...is looking to expand awareness and refine his skills in the erotic arts

...appreciates the experience, wisdom and skill of a sexy mature woman

This is where I shine...find out about me here



If you are interested in unabridged, red-hot sacred sexuality,
then this site is your enthusiastic invitation to come play.

As The Alchematrix, my offer and presentation are a little different than what you might normally expect, so please keep your mind open as you absorb the information offered. There are a good number of pages, but given the fusion of context and content, they are brief and to the point.
Having our initial telephone conversation will expand upon what is conveyed through this medium.

The site is written for men. Couples are also enthusiastically invited to play. I hope you find the site interesting and inspiring... and if you do, I will be so happy to hear from you.

Thanks and Namaste, ~KC Grace
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