my definitions - a useful shared vocabulary

EROTIC ALCHEMY: Everything below.
ALCHEMY: The art & science of transforming substances, situations, or living things... to perfect them.
SPIRITUAL/SACRED: The feelings of connection when we merge with the universal vibrational energetic force that has many names --god/dess, great mystery, universe, nature, etc.-- and permeates all things. The people, places and things where we find and/or create deep meaning.
SACRED SEXUALITY: A distinctive mindset and the actions that stem from it (aka enlightened, mindful or conscious sexuality
A complex eastern spiritual practice that has many paths and cultural influences
TAOIST SEXUALITY: TraditionalChineseMedicine-based methodology of sex-energy cultivation for overall health and vitality
NEO-TANTRA: The blend of Eastern and Western enlightened-sex philosophies and practices unique to our time and culture. This is what most westerners think of as tantra and what I mean when I use the word 'tantric'. Every practitioner has their own particular flavor, depending on what spices they blend. The basics include awareness, connection, breath, sound, ritual, movement and intention.
SACRED KINK: A term for some forms of tantric bdsm (aka dark tantra): primarily bondage, sensory deprivation, sensation play and sensual power exchange. All with tantric/energetic/conscious intent.
SEX MAGIC: Consciously raising and directing the power inherent in erotic energy to release or manifest an intention.
EXPANDED ORGASM: A catch-all phrase for the art and science of giving and receiving different kinds of O's
~extended; whole-body; multiple; peak; valley; etc.~

EROTIC TRANCE - SEXUAL MEDITATION: Using eros to access altered states of feeling, awareness and experience
~everyday-mind unplugs from chatter & busy-ness while higher-mind/body plugs into...~

SENSUAL ENERGETICS: The cultivation and circulation of the subtle somatic energies that ignite with eros.
ORGASM MASTERY: The when and why of choice.
SACRED INTIMATE: Implies mutual interaction between provider and client in the sacred sexuality container.
Some of the language on this site is esoteric/symbolic. In western terms the energy we are working with is electro-chemical and is scientifically measurable and congruent.
THE METHODOLOGY MATRIX: All the juicy elements for the enhancement of erotic awareness and experience. Totally coherent & customizable
EASTERN-ANCIENT: Tantra, Kama Sutra, Taoist Sexuality,
WESTERN-CONTEMPORARY: Conscious BDSM; Sexual Psychology; Emotional Intelligence, Eastern practices that have evolved into unique Western versions; Quodoshka; Contemporary Sexual Shamanism; Slow Sex
THE BODY EROTIC: All of the bodies ::: Physical, Mental, Energetic, Emotional, Spiritual ::: that make up our erotic experience



If you are interested in unabridged, red-hot sacred sexuality,
then this site is your enthusiastic invitation to come play.

As The Alchematrix, my offer and presentation are a little different than what you might normally expect, so please keep your mind open as you absorb the information offered. There are a good number of pages, but given the fusion of context and content, they are brief and to the point.
Having our initial telephone conversation will expand upon what is conveyed through this medium.

The site is written for men. Couples are also enthusiastically invited to play. I hope you find the site interesting and inspiring... and if you do, I will be so happy to hear from you.

Thanks and Namaste, ~KC Grace
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